Latest ‘PBM Column’ Explores Pharmacologic Agents, Under-Transfusion of Plasma

    AABB’s Transfusion Safety and Patient Blood Management (TS/PBM) Subsection recently released the latest article in its “PBM Column” series, “How Can We Avoid the Under-Transfusion of Plasma and Encourage Pharmacologic Agents?” In this complimentary resource, Mark T. Friedman, DO, from NYU Langone Health Long Island School of Medicine, discusses how the development of a robust PBM program – with an emphasis on education – is a key strategy for minimizing inappropriate plasma transfusions and underdosing. Friedman also explores how the use of pharmacologic hemostatic agents, when appropriate, can help to reduce or avoid use of plasma in select coagulopathic patients. Additional PBM resources are available in AABB’s PBM Toolkit.

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